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I Do Like Some Toys

Posted by Lucy The English Pointer on August 1, 2011

I know Foster Mom says I don’t play with toys, but I do enjoy an ocassional chew on something other than a pigs hoof.  After telling Foster Mom this, she went into the clothing donation pile and pulled out these great purple soccer socks.  I dug into those right away and starting pulling out stitches.  Then she made two more toys for me out of an old t-shirt.  I’d rather have another dog to play with, but since I CAN’T DO ANYTHING right now (am I making my point?), hand-me-down clothes will have to do.

My new socks!

Simon and I did get a good half hour with the chew hooves, though, and that was great fun.  I really wanted his bed but had to be relegated to the floor until he moved on his own.  He’s not that thrilled when I just walk on top of him and try to sit on him to get him to move.  He says I’m an annoying little puppy sometimes.  I think he’s a boring old guy most times.  I guess we’re even.

We're a couple of hard-chewing hounds.


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