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Caught in the Act

Posted by Lucy The English Pointer on August 3, 2011

I don’t have many possessions. A bed, bowl, towels and a blanket, and my t-shirt and sock toys. Foster Mom bought me a couple of things to play with but I’m just not really into it. Just because I don’t want my toys NOW doesn’t mean I won’t want them LATER. I keep thinking my stuff is magically disappearing because I’ll go in my crate every now and then and it’s empty except for my bedding and water. Today I was clever. I caught Simon in the act of breaking and entering…my crate! Ha!

Look at Simon...the nerve!

While I was outside doing what I do outside, HE was waiting for the all-clear and then just helped himself to my things. What a thief. I don’t steal his toys so why does he want mine? The fact that I’m not at all interested in his toys doesn’t really matter. I think I’ll have to stand guard for a while to make sure he doesn’t do it again. Honestly, Foster Brothers are so much trouble sometimes.

I'm on guard now.  You shall not pass.


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