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I’m So Cute

Posted by Lucy The English Pointer on August 4, 2011

How could you be mad at me? I'm so cute!

Just look at that picture!  Am I not the most adorable puppy you’ve ever seen?  I was definitely mugging for the camera on this one because I was sort of in trouble.  Foster Mom made the mistake of letting me off my leash (oh sweet freedom!) in the backyard if I promised to be calm and not run around.  Sure Foster Mom, no problem, I’ll be really good (paws crossed behind my tail).  She’s so trusting.  I was good for about 2 minutes and then I needed to give the old legs a little stretch so I started to trot off in the direction of a tree with a bird in it until Foster Mom called me back.  Stupid me, I turned around and went right back to her.  How does she have such power over me?  Simon doesn’t do anything she says.  After my limited exercise it was time for a pre-evening nap!

Can't get away from the paparazzi around here for some shut-eye.



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