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Before and After

Posted by Lucy The English Pointer on August 5, 2011

You know I said I didn’t like toys, and then I did like some toys but still not enough to play with them for longer than 30 seconds?  Well, this morning I discovered the joy of stuffed toys!  The joy was actually in the unstuffing of the toy.  Simon’s “friends” consist of all sorts of creatures but his little fuzzy round sheep was the one that caught my eye this morning.  For some reason I just had to have it.  First I just brought it to my bed and looked at it.

Isn't this a nice looking sheep?

It was just too tempting.  As Simon was laying on the carpet in front of me, I lost my mind and spun into a magical world where stitches rip, stuffing is fun to pull apart and a squeaker must cease to be.  I was quite proud of my accomplishment.  Simon looked a bit distraught afterwards but he has dozens of toys so I’m sure he won’t miss this one.  He did take the fabric carcass to his own bed and just look at it with pity.

What? Is there a problem?

Foster Mom said it was ok to play with and destroy Simon’s sheep.  She actually even took it away from me a couple of times just to make sure I wasn’t crazy and guarding it as my own.  She’s always testing me.  I think Foster Mom can be very high maintenance sometimes.  She needs to just chill and let me be a puppy for a while.


2 Responses to “Before and After”

  1. Linda said

    I have just finished reading Buster’s Blog and I have laughed til my sides hurt. We rescued a GSP when he was a year old and Sweetie’s behavior was, and still is, very similiar to Buster’s antics. I surely hope that Buster finds a forever home soon. How could anyone resist him?

    • So happy you’ve enjoyed Buster’s blog. Our previous GSP foster also had a blog. She was adopted in mid-June by a really great family. Some of her antics are side-splitting. It’s a long blog but if you want to drag out a good laugh just read in in pieces. cassiethegsp.wordpress.com

      As soon as Buster is adopted I’m sure he’ll let everyone know!

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