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A Bath?

Posted by Lucy The English Pointer on July 30, 2011

Why on earth do I need a bath?  I smell fine, I don’t have fleas, and I told Foster Mom to remember how she’s not supposed to do anything to put stress on me while I’m recovering from HW treatment.  She said something like, “Hmmm” and then put a leash on me and took me outside where I was double-teamed by her and Foster Dad, who was holding the hose.  Never a good sign.  By that time I was stuck and had to submit.  Foster Mom thought I needed cleaning up after having two weeks of various vet appointments and procedures.  She said I smelled too much like a dog.  HELLO…I AM A DOG!   I thought, I’ll show you…and I stood there perfectly still and let them do their worst with soap and water.  Actually, the scrubbing part felt pretty good but I wasn’t going to let anyone know that I liked it.

That's quite a nice massage. A little lower and to the left, please.

I shook and shook and shook all the water off but they insisted on using a towel and getting every little drop of water off of me.  At least I got to wander around the yard afterwards, though still on that darn leash.  Later I was able to take a nap in the house, off the leash, and relax.  Foster Mom said something about company coming over this afternoon so I’d better rest up.

Keep the noise down, I'm trying to sleep here.


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This Is So Not Fair

Posted by Lucy The English Pointer on July 29, 2011


This is me practicing my tolerance.

How is an active guy like me supposed to be quiet for four weeks?  I had a word with Simon today while everyone was gone and he filled me in on the whole heartworm treatment thing.  He said he remembered being tired for a couple of days but after that, he also felt fine and didn’t understand why he couldn’t play with the other dogs and run around.  As it was described to him, and now to me (so this is third-hand, dog to dog to dog), after treatment we have to stay as non-active as possible to allow the heartworms to break-up in our system and not cause any further problems.  We’re not supposed to get wild or do anything that will cause our heart to work harder or our blood pressure to go up.  I told you Simon was a pretty smart guy.  He’s like a dictionary with this stuff, or maybe more like Widipedia.  Well, ok…at least now I know.  I thought someone tacked up a new set of rules just for me when I got back, but since that’s not the case I’ll just have to roll with it.  Foster Mom and Dad are sure giving me a lot of attention so that part is working out well for me.  I’m still stuck on this leash for a while but I can tolerate it.  Just watch out for when the leash comes off because I’ll be doing laps around the yard again like a champion.  Until then, I’ll continue to follow orders, catch up on my sleep and chew on my smelly pig hooves.


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Yes, It’s Me!

Posted by Lucy The English Pointer on July 28, 2011

I’m back!  First, a shout-out to my Foster Bro Simon for taking over the reins and blogging for me for two days and no, you can’t have any of my toys.  You have a pile of your own toys so keep your paws away from mine.  I can’t believe you want compensation for something I didn’t even ask you to do.  Besides, I’m playing the sympathy card and it seems to be working on Foster Mom because she keeps giving me stuff.

One of my many chew hooves.

Next, even though I was home yesterday evening I was just still a little too tired to say more than hello.  I slept really well overnight, had a great breakfast, got some treats and had a long nap today.  Everything seems to be back to normal.  Auntie Nancy was here to let me out but she kept me on the leash which isn’t a lot of fun but it’s not her fault.  Foster Mom and Dad are keeping me on a leash, too.  What’s that all about?  Why can’t I run and play?  I feel fine!  Everybody seems to be tiptoeing around me.  I’m full of energy and I’m quite frustrated no one will let me do the things I usually do, like run, run and run!  Foster Mom keeps giving me things to chew, like that will replace running.  Every single time I go outside I’m practically pulling over the person on the other end of the leash.  There are things to chase in the yard and I’m not able to contribute.  I hope this doesn’t last very long because this whole “have to keep him quiet” baloney isn’t working for me.  What’s a dog got to do to get a play date around here?  I go away for one night and come back to a place where all the rules have changed.  I think I’ll have to ask Simon what’s going on.  He’ll know about heartworm treatment…he seems to know everything.

Finally, a decent meal and I didn't even come up for air.

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Buster is Back!

Posted by Lucy The English Pointer on July 27, 2011

I’m just going to sit in for one more day as Buster’s Guest Blogger while he recovers from a tough two days at the vet.  No one expected him to be released today so everyone is taking this as very good news.  As his Foster Big Brother, it’s up to me to let you know Buster says hi  to all of his readers and is doing ok.  He tells me he’s still groggy and particularly sore on his back, but he’ll feel better in a couple of days and then will have to deal with the confinement and restricted activity post-procedure.  I was hoping he wouldn’t be very hungry tonight and I could just finish up his dinner for him, but to my surprise he ate every single piece and left me nothing.  I’ve also noticed that a few new and enticing toys have ended up in his crate.  I think Foster Mom was feeling sorry for him and got him some new toys of his own she thought she could sneak past me.  Good thing his crate door is closed otherwise I’d be in there like a shot to remove his new duck and chew hoof.

Buster will be back online tomorrow after he has a good night’s sleep.  I’m sure he’s very appreciative of me taking the initiative to keep his blog going in his absence.  I wonder if he’ll give me his new toy duck as a gesture of thanks?

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Simon Says

Posted by Lucy The English Pointer on July 26, 2011

I'm Simon, subbing for Buster this week.

Since Buster has gone off to have his heartworm treatment for the next couple of days, I thought I’d fill-in for him as his guest blogger.  He didn’t know he was going to the vet this morning, so he didn’t have time to formally ask me to temporarily take over his blog.  I’m just a thoughtful sort of guy and I know he’d appreciate my experience and insights.  I’m a rescued dog, too.  In fact, I’ve been referred to as a “foster failure”, meaning Foster Mom and Dad became my Forever Family.  Buster and I have similar backgrounds.  We were both abandoned, both found running loose, both skinny as skinny can be, and both light heartworm positive.  He won’t be happy about the heartworm treatment but it’s the best thing for him.  I got through it pretty easy and so will he.  He’ll just be very annoyed that he didn’t see it coming.  It’s like your mother picking you up unexpectedly at elementary school one day and casually driving you to the dentist without telling you she booked an appointment.  Annoying, yes, but in the long run, not the end of the world.

I’m about 12 years old and have been around a bit.  Buster is just a youngster with so much energy it’s hard for me to remember being that age.   When he first got here he used to spend more time inside than out, but a few days ago he seemed to find the great outdoors much more fun.  We’ve been team-chasing squirrels in the yard and Buster has taken a particular interest in all of the local wildlife including birds, lizards and frogs.  He’s not a bad kid, just a little too playful for me at times so I must have words.  He’s a quick learner, I’ll give him that.  He has pretty good manners for a youngster.  He doesn’t jump on furniture or put his front paws on the kitchen counters.  Those are both big no-no’s in this house, so he already started out ahead of the game.  I never did that stuff either but you should see some of the dogs that have been through here.  Just when I think I’ve seen it all, something new surprises me.

Buster has gained some weight since he’s been here.  Foster Mom says he’s an “eating machine”.  He stuck his nose into the pantry the other day and quickly cleaned up all of the spilled food on the floor.  Foster Mom also calls him a “Hoover” for his ability to find bits and pieces of food on any floor and ingest them.  He will lose his supermodel figure soon, not to worry.  I can only hope a few extra pounds might slow him down.

Just to keep things interesting, here are my “before” and “after” pictures.  As you can see, this place does an Extreme Canine Makeover for all of us.  More tomorrow.

This was my first vet appointment. I looked bad and smelled bad, too.

With a little food and a lot of TLC, look at me now!

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My Crib

Posted by Lucy The English Pointer on July 25, 2011

My suite in my foster home.

Thought you’d like to see my crib.  It’s a pretty good set-up.  I much prefer being out of my crate, but as cribs go, this one is ok.  It’s in a place where I can see everyone in the kitchen and the family room, so I’m always part of the action.  I have a  nice and comfy bed, some soft towels, fresh water and a couple of toys that I don’t play with yet.  Since I’m not a toy-kind-of-guy right now, Simon is helping himself to my toys every morning while I’m out running laps in the yard.  Simon has “friends”, at least that’s what he calls his toy squirrel, bunny, raccoon, elephant, monkey and other various jungle and domestic creatures.  I don’t understand the whole toy thing yet.  I do like to chew on pig’s hooves.  They smell so good, though Foster Mom says they stink and won’t let me have an unlimited supply.  I don’t understand why everyone leaves the room when I’m into a really good chew hoof.  I also have just finally figured out the funny looking rubber thing called a “kong”.  For the first few days I just ignored it but then I noticed something smelled really good coming from the kong, so I started to investigate and found out it was full of treats!  I work hard to get those treats out of there.  Why does Foster Mom continue to torture me with the kong when it would be much easier to just put the treats on my bed in my crate.  Honestly, sometimes she makes things so difficult.

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Darn…The Secret is Out

Posted by Lucy The English Pointer on July 24, 2011

I have tried really hard to keep all of my vital information to myself, but I think by now, all has been revealed.  It took a week for Foster Mom to figure out what I was hiding from her…obedience training.  She was at an event last night and talked to her friend, Robin, about what an incredible boy I am and about how much I know at such a tender age.  Well, thanks a lot Robin…now Foster Mom knows the word I’ve been hiding from everyone…”place”.  When that vile word is used I scoot right into “place” beside Foster Mom’s left leg.  It’s automatic and I”m very good at it if I do say so myself.  It’s quite impressive to watch, too.  The other thing Foster Mom figured out on her own were hand signals.  I’m not as good with those but I know them, so I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before she’s waving her arm around frantically wanting me to do more stuff on command.  It will probably look like she’s trying to swat flies so I’ll probably just ignore her as long as possible. I guess on the positive side, it’s just another thing for my forever home to love about me once we find each other.

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Squirrel Alert!

Posted by Lucy The English Pointer on July 24, 2011

We work as a team.

It’s very hard to have a nice relaxing nap on the patio when squirrels decide to invade our yard.  Simon usually keeps this place free of critters, but today a couple of squirrels jumped from the fence into the yard.  Once spotted by the Dynamic Duo (us, of course), they flew up the tree about as fast as we flew after them.  They were lucky to get away with their tails still attached to the rest of their bodies.  Simon is now having a nap inside and I’m guarding the tree.

...and stay up there!!!

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Me and Simon

Posted by Lucy The English Pointer on July 23, 2011

Can someone please tell me what we're looking at?


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I LOVE the Dog Park!

Posted by Lucy The English Pointer on July 23, 2011

I had a blast this morning.  While it was still really early and not so hot, me and Simon got to go to the Dog Park.  It was so fantastic…I mean I just ran and ran and ran around until everyone else was tired, but not me!  I could stay there all day.  So many things to sniff, chase and investigate.  Simon was a good Foster Brother and showed me around the place, but once I figured out where everything was, I was off like a shot.  Foster Mom and Dad said they were dizzy watching me run in big circles.  Simon, bless his little 12-year-old heart, tried desperately to keep up with me but there was no way…I’m like greased lightning.  Once, I slowed down just a little to have a gulp of water.  I hung out with Simon for a few minutes afterwards just so he didn’t feel left out.  I really didn’t want to come home but I was told I would be left by myself if I didn’t get my scrawny backside over to the gate, and pronto.  I do everything “pronto”, so it was back in the car and home again.  I had another big drink and Simon went in the pool to cool off.  As Saturdays go, this one started out pretty well.

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